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Founder of Foundations of a Dream Life™
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7 keys to successful parenting...

and it's NOT what you think!

get the 7 secrets that uncomplicate parenting and create peace!

On earth as it is in heaven...in your family relationships!

Specializing in foster, adoptive, and blended 
family parenting
You've been treating the symptoms....instead of the cause!

Have you found parenting stressful, miserable, and overwhelming? What if it's actually simple, enjoyable, and peaceful? 

Have you ever wondered how there are so many parenting tools out there (that work for other people) but never seem to work for you?

What if it has nothing to do with which tools you're using and everything to do with understanding and implementing some very simple foundational principles?

In a few short weeks, you'll:

  • Discover the 3 things that have been hindering your results
  • ​Understand yourself and your children on a deeper level
  • Know how to recognize what is underneath the behavior and what to do about it
  • Gain the skills to de-escalate a situation quickly
  • ​Be able to take your children out in public without losing your mind
  • ​Have more joy and cooperation in your relationships
  • Experience more peace in your home
  • Dramatically reduce stress and anxiety - for you and your kids!
  • ​Build community and develop lifelong friendships with like-minded moms
These principles work for everyone , no matter what kind of parent you are - birth, step, foster, or adoptive parent, and no matter what your personality, learning style, or background is -  
If you're a parent or childcare worker, and you implement these 7 principles, this will work for you. 

Maybe you've tried programs before and nothing has worked...how is this any different? 

That's exactly what you will learn in the Parent in Freedom class. This system is not on trial. It has been proven over and over and over...by everyone who uses it. 

It doesn't matter who you are, how much support you have or don't have, or what your experience has been - these principles will completely transform not just your relationships, but your life. 

This will challenge you on deep levels. 

You'll build relationships, have fun, and leave with the mindset, principles and tools you need to succeed!

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"You become like the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."


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